Shanghai Heaven

Shanghai Heaven

An exhibition in Mindpirates Projektraum

Friday, May 2 — Saturday, June 1
Mindpirates Projektraum (Schlesische Str. 37)

In the exhibition Shanghai Heaven Mindpirates imagine the world of Shanghai’s youth in artistic collaborations with some of the most exciting up-and-coming local artists and musicians.

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Film Night: Buffalo ’66

A film by Vincent Gallo

Wednesday, September 24
21:00 — Mindpirates Vereinsheim

After serving a five year sentence for a crime he didn’t commit, a bitter, violence-prone Billy Brown (Vincent Gallo) is released from prison, hell-bent on convincing his dysfunctional parents that he is leading a respectable life and has spent the last five years doing top-secret CIA work. To back up his story, he impulsively kidnaps Layla (Christina Ricci) and forces her to pose as his girlfriend.

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Film Night: This Must Be The Place

A film by Paolo Sorrentino

Wednesday, October 1
21:00 — Mindpirates Vereinsheim

Cheyenne, a wealthy former rock star (Sean Penn, looking like The Cure’s Robert Smith dropped from a plane), now bored and jaded in his retirement, travels from Dublin to New York to visit his estranged father on his deathbed. He takes on the quest of finding his father’s tormentor, a Nazi war criminal who is a refugee in the United States.

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Film Night: Crash

A film by David Cronenberg

Wednesday, October 8

21:00 — Mindpirates Vereinsheim

After surviving a brutal car wreck, commercial director James Ballard finds himself slowly drawn to a mysterious subculture of people who have transformed automobile accidents into erotic events.

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