Meret – Seven Deaths of a Bird

Meret – Seven Deaths of a Bird


This film is an intimate and surreal journey through the torn heart of a passion- ate women narrated in seven songs. The traumatic ending of her true love throws her into a dark void and a deep numbness. To heal, her pain had to be transformed into music. In the dark recesses of her withdrawn soul, music come to her in her phantasma- gorical psychosis, she hears these songs and sings them.

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Film Night: Les Yeux Sans Visage [Eyes Without A Face]

A film by Georges Franju

Wednesday, March 18

21:00 — Mindpirates Projektraum

“I’ve done so much wrong to perform this miracle.”

Franju, along with Henry Langlois one of the founding members of the Cinématheque française, was a film buff above all – one with a passion for pulp – and France had yet to deliver a full-blooded horror film like they made ‘em so successfully in the UK and the US.

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