Meret – Seven Deaths of a Bird

Meret – Seven Deaths of a Bird


This film is an intimate and surreal journey through the torn heart of a passion- ate women narrated in seven songs. The traumatic ending of her true love throws her into a dark void and a deep numbness. To heal, her pain had to be transformed into music. In the dark recesses of her withdrawn soul, music come to her in her phantasma- gorical psychosis, she hears these songs and sings them.

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Film Night: Barfly

A film by Barbet Schroeder
Written by Charles Bukowski

Wednesday, October 22
21:00 — Mindpirates Vereinsheim

Henry Chinaski (Rourke) never cared for the American dream, the thought of needing to become ‘something’ and fit into the system disgusts him. He believes that life is free and yours to live like you see fit, and if that in some cases involves copious amounts of whiskey, then so be it.

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Live: Subruto Roy Chowdhury & Sanjib Pal

Sunday, October 19
21:00 — Mindpirates Auditorium

Join us in the Mindpirates Auditorium, for a wonderful concert of sitar player Subroto Roy Chowdhury and tabla player Sanjib Pal.

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