PornCorn #2 – Watch & Talk

Thursday, May 25

20:00 — The Hole

Fecunda Lab and Mindpirates invite you to PornCorn:

PornCorn aims to normalise porn through contemporary screenings of alternative pornography short films (Queer, Fun, Feminist, Gay, Kinki, or Fetish, among others) of one selected film director in public spaces. We believe a porn film can be appreciated just as a film – with the ability to evoke emotion.

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Death Wish III – Ein Mann sieht rot! (1985)

A film by Michael Winner

Wednesday, May 10

20:00 — The Hole

In partnership with Mindpirates, we are proud to introduce you to our next – i.f.o.s. presents – movie night.
A selection of cinematic exploitation experiences you won’t regret and will enjoy !
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