A film by Robert Flaherty

Wednesday, 6 December

20:00 — The Hole

Join us to celebrate Saint Nicholas Day at The Hole with curator Margarita Carteron who presents Robert Flaherty’s pioneering 1922 film “Nanook of the North”.

*** The explorer Robert Flaherty shot the very first ethnographic and poetic documentary, in honor of the efforts of a surviving people in the greatest destitution. In the middle of Canadian desolated lands, rocky, windswept, where no human being would survive the sterility of the soil and the rigors of the climate. Only Eskimos live there, dependent on the animal kingdom. This film tells the story of Nanook, an Inuit hunter, his family and his companions, the Itivimuits, how they hunted of the walrus, how they built their igloos, how they lived, through the spectrum of the docudrama. ***

Come to the cozy Hole for one of our last film nights (before we close at the end of the month…) and get into the Christmas spirit with some homemade Glühwein and Zimtsterne.

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Admission: 5 euros | doors open at 20:00