Thursday, 7 December

20:00 — The Hole

How do I want to be buried? May I scatter my ashes in Hasenheide? Are there cool designs for urns? Do I need a tombstone? Does it matter what it says? Should we all wear black?

May I be buried on my favorite cemetery although I left the church? What does my main residence have to do with where my dead body is finally resting? How does a memorial service without a cleric work? Do I want a newspaper ad and condolence cards or is it all the same anyway, since I’m not there anymore?

In a workshop on funeral planning Volume II of The School Of Death will explore the advantages of planning your own funeral; for yourself and for your loved ones. This includes information on the legal situation in Germany and the individual states (Totenfürsorge & Bestattungsgesetz), the presentation of various burial and funeral types from classic over futuristic to eco-friendly, as well as setting up a Bestattungsverfügung to make sure it’s your funeral and they cry, if you want to.

We get some professional consultation on the burial business via the Berlin based undertaker Eric Wrede from Lebensnah Bestattungen.


{Photography by Miriam Marlene Waldner}