Thursday, 17 August

19:30 — The Hole


Curator Margarita Carteron & The Hole present: Two nights through the tumultuous and chaotic post-soviet Russia!

Join us for part 2!

20:30 / Tselkov Walk
(10’51 / 2017 / directed by Nicolas Hidiro)
French with English subtitles


Camera : Simon Elephant / nh
Text : Emmanuel Carrère
Voice : Isabelle Adjani
Music : Kraftwerk

A walk with the Russian artist Oleg Tselkov, emigrated in Paris 40 years ago.

21:00 / Brother 2
(123’ / 2000 / directed by Aleksey Balabanov)
Russian with English subtitles

Brother 2 (Брат 2) is a Russian crime film shot in 2000 by Aleksey Balabanov, and a sequel to the first « Brother ». We follow the young hero Danila one year after after the first movie, between Moscow and Chicago. Two years after, Sergey Bodrov was killed in the Kolka-Karmadon rock ice slide, and became since the symbol of the Russian 90’s jungle.

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doors open at 19:30 / bar inside / smoking kino / entrance 5€ at the door

Wir freuen uns auf Euch!