Wednesday, 16 August

19:30 — The Hole


Curator Margarita Carteron & The Hole present : Two nights through the tumultuous and chaotic post-soviet Russia!

20:30 / Inner rap 
(40’ / 2016 / documentary / directed by Margarita Zakharova / starring Evgeniy Alyokhin, Konstantin Speransky)
Russian with English subtitles

The film follows underground rap group Makulatura, consisting of poets Evgeniy Alyokhin and Konstantin Speransky, on tour through Russian provinces. Blending classic literature references, mind-bending introspection, musings on modern love and an ironic attitude to their act, they create what faithful fans and listeners call “existential rap.” The feature not only documents the daily life of on the road, but also the dynamics of their creative enterprise.

21:30 / Брат (Brother) 
(95’ / 1997 / directed by Aleksey Balabanov / music by Nautilus Pompilus)
Russian with English subtitles

Brother (Брат) is a Russian crime film shot in 1997 by Aleksey Balabanov. The young hero, Danila (Sergey Bodrov) is a demobilized soldier who returns to his small town of the North-West of Russia after the first Chechen war – the movie tells his adventures in the city of Saint Petersburg. Brother quickly became a cult movie in the post-soviet chaotic Russia, and Sergey Bodrov the hero of a generation.

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doors open at 19:30 / bar inside / smoking kino / entrance 5€ at the door

Wir freuen uns auf Euch!