Wednesday, 2 August

20:00 — The Hole


Join us for a night of short films by Chicago-based filmmaker Ricardo Bouyett. We are joined by special guest CJ Aslan from the cast of No Love for Fuckboys (2017). The screening will be followed by a discussion.

Check out the program:

The B-Sides (2016) 20:01 minutes
The third installment of Bouyett’s “Oh, Bouy” collection and follows the complexities of manhood, suggesting that the power in masculinity can be found in vulnerability.

Silver Screens (2016) 12:00 minutes
An experimental short about a man in his therapist’s office trying to make sense of his failed relationship.

Forward (2017) 7:00 minutes
A dance film about a woman controlling her demons figuratively and literally.

Honey (2017) 5:38 minutes
A poetic film that follows a girl exploring a small town with her friends, trying to find a sliver of peace amongst the noise.

No Love for Fuckboys (2017) 19:01 minutes
A portrait of a sexual assault survivor’s journey through love, sex, violence, and hope post-assault.

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doors open 8 PM | film starts 9 PM | admission 5 euros

About the artist
As a visual artist Ricardo Bouyett focuses on sex, love, and violence. He creates stories about survivors of sexual violence in an effort to transcend the tragedy and promote visibility and a voice for a demographic of society that’s often silenced.