Friday, June 30

20:00 — The Hole

BRLN & LNDN based Producer, Composer & Percussionist RENU to release electronic single and video:

on the 30th of June 2017

as 1st single of album `THEY DANCE IN THE DARK´
on RENU´s own label `HOLYKUTI RECORDS´

Additionally there will be a story told presentation on the making of the visuals, on the album TDITD and future dates and releases.

To cover costs of the evening, there will be donation fee at entrance.

THEY DANCE IN THE DARK. Imagine a party, where Gary Numan is married to The Orb, who is slow dancing with Massive Attack, while Oum Kalthoum French kissing Prince and finally, Daphne Oram is mixing the drinks. THEY DANCE IN THE DARK largely references 80s & 90s Electronic dance music: the height of dark hooky electronic anthems with an underlying post-colonial narrative. Two years on and off in the Holykuti Studios, produced in London, Berlin & Beirut with singers & performers from Ireland, Iraq, Pakistan, Canada, UK & Lebanon, They Dance in the Dark first started as an experiment. Realising her true introvertism RENU worked through mainly the computer and the philosophy of playing Tablas in mind: creating big & infinite sounds with a minimum set up.

They dance in the dark is RENUs personal imprint as a weird queer femme, in a weird queer world. For further information please contact.

ALWAYS YOU is an uplifting, prophetic, deep house tune referencing the 80s & 90s Electronic dance scene. The video was shot in New Dehli with performance by writer and poet Salma Arzouni. Salma is an old soul, over 3000 old years. We shot the video in April 2017, It was unbearably hot, it was in New Dehli and we just fled a haunted house.

The tune features the vocals of Rosina from Canadian duo LAL. Rosina has featured on RENU´s earlier albums and they were also both band members of recently deceased Sam Zaman´s (the godfather of the Electronic Asian Underground) ‘State of Bengal‘.

Video Production & Direction Renu, Salma and Yue Wang
DoP & edit Yue Wang


RENU `a 21st century Charlie Parker´ (Resonance FM) is a BRLN and LNDN based artist, composer, producer, tabla-player, multi-percussionist. A multi-everything. Originally a percussionist for multiple bands & genres – Grace Jones, State of Bengal, Fun_da_mental, Kevin Davy Jazz D’semble, MIKA, Alabama 3, Tunde Jegede – she started to produce her own music in the year of 2010. Fast forward some years, composing for theatre, film & dance, working for contemporary dance, hosting her own nights in London, 1 EP and 3 albums later, she has now landed in an electronic realm.