Wednesday, June 21

16:00 – 22:00 — The Hole

Please come & celebrate with us the beginning of a SUMMER of LOVE!

Oh all lovingly creatures, come together on the 21st June & join the musical and mystical circle on the MAGIC CARPET CARAVAN!

Trip with us to the flower power afterhour all day when we celebrateFête de la Musique in Love & Peace mode & live Woodstock music all day.

Come and bring your wisdom, your witchcraft and your love to the carpet and especially to the Esofloor for more Tarot card readings, Chakra Explosions, Mermaids singing Therapies, Herbal Witchcraft, Frequency Healing, Cacao Ceremonies & Sensatonics, etc – all that heals all that is magical!

Please spend the day with us on this mystical trip!!

The Magic Carpet Caravan

free admission