Thursday, June 29

20:00 — The Hole

Fecunda Lab and Mindpirates invite you to PornCorn:

PornCorn aims to normalise porn through contemporary screenings of alternative pornography short films (Queer, Fun, Feminist, Gay, Kinki, or Fetish, among others) of one selected film director in public spaces. We believe a porn film can be appreciated just as a film – with the ability to evoke emotion.

Therefore, pornography can help launch a useful discussion where people reflect their own perspectives about identity and sexuality.

Each edition would be lead by a special guest. On our third edition, we have the pleasure to introduce Jan Soldat.

“Jan Soldat makes documentary portraits exploring sexuality, relationships, bodies and passion. With curiosity but without judgement, he witnesses the sexual practices of his subjects interspersed with moments of casual intimacy and domestic banality. He narrows his focus to the core of their world, allowing the viewer plenty of space for thought, and yet his films often seem claustrophobic in their aesthetics. Jan directs his camera’s gaze on worlds in which the only limits are those formed by the prejudices and experiences of the viewing audience.”

from John Canciani, Artistic Director of Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur, Switzerland

Come to The Hole
Entrance fee: 6€
Limited seats (RSVP highly recommended)
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Poster image by Wiktoria Rychlewski
instagram @wiktoriarychlewski


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