Created by Doug Aitken

Wednesday, March 29

20:00 — The Hole

A trip that aims to unsettle you, no matter where you are!

Visual artist Doug Aitken embarked on one hell of a rail show wich becomes one of the most intriguing journeys through modern creativity, Station to Station.

The original project took a train with Aiken’s “kinetic light sculpture,” fixed to the train’s outer shell and traveled from New York to San Francisco. The concept invited a stunning collection of artists from all walks of life and disciplines to hop on and off as the train journeyed on, stopping occasionally to perform a series of “Happenings” along the 24-day, 4,000-mile ride.

Breaking the footage down into 62 minute-long short films, Aitken doesn’t just document what happened on the trip, he continues it, turning Station to Station into a feature film almost as ambitious as the train itself.

The shorts are a diverse lot, featuring everything from dance and musical performances to visual art creation, memoir, rhythmic whipping, and auction chanting and captured both on the train and in rail towns along the way. One minute you’re watching a snippet of a performance by the likes of Thurston Moore, Mavis Staples, Cat Power, or Beck, and the next you’re watching a high school marching band take over a parking garage. The minute after that, quite literally, you’re back on the train, watching the American landscape race past the feet of a pair of flamenco dancers.
The transition from film to film is sometimes jarring, sometimes illuminating, and sometimes frustrating, but it’s always interesting. Watching all 62 of them consecutively provides an experience every bit as exciting, thought-provoking, and ultimately ephemeral as an LED-laden train full of artists passing in the night.

So no matter who you are and what your creative output is, this is a big bunch of inspiration coming in with the next stop at The Hole this Wednesday!

3,50 Entrance
start 20.00