Let’s Guru! / An Introductory Journey to Wisdom

Friday, February 17

21:00 — The Hole


Mindpirates invite you this Friday 17th, to a gentle, introductory trip and hope you take the ticket, when we say: Let´s Guru!

Good Vibrations for open people at the hole, all night! We create the first operation of its kind, that offers you the ultimate chance to connect with a spiritual self within a edgy Berlin setting. Get introduced to people that dedicated and realised their lifetime to teaching of life itself. 

We call them guru’s and we have a tendency to fall in love with them. But listening, we quickly come to the conclusion: It ain’t the person we fall in love with but the wisdom. Wisdom that exists in all of us, any time and any place. 

These messengers will float through the hole and vibrate to soul satisfying tunes right into you! This is about transmitting and receiving good energies and it will definitely causes deep relaxation. 

We hope some of you like to settle down with us after this busy week to contemplate and to digest  

.. and to finally dissolve in a peaceful moment. 

9pm see you there.