A film by David Lynch

Wednesday, September 16

21:00 — Mindpirates Projektraum

After his reimagining of the Wizard of Oz earlier this summer, join us for the last Lynch screening this Film Nights season:
Set out to become a new Twin Peaks set in Hollywood for ABC, they turned the pilot into a movie – and Lynch’s nightmarish take on Sunset Boulevard blew pretty much everyone away when it came out. Those who know why know that it demands multiple viewings, and then some.

A beautiful woman suffers amnesia after surviving a car crash on L.A.’s Mulholland Drive. Hiding in an empty apartment, she meets an aspiring actress; as they attempt to unearth her identity, they fall in love. Or do they?

“A bone fide masterpiece. An erotic, deeply unsettling, darkly comic journey through the subconscious city of night.” – ***** Simon Braund

“[A] visually menacing horror picture, which deconstructs Hollywood as the dream factory and continues to explore Lynchian obsessions such as dreams vs. nightmares.” – Emmanuel Levy

“Lynch uses the twinkling lights and dazzling stars of superficial LA to warp us into a deeper, stranger surreality.” – Vue Weekly

“Like Twin Peaks, it keeps spooling out more narrative twists until the ingenious maze turns into an oppressive tangle.” – Globe and Mail

“The best autocritique of cinema as a medium that has yet been made.” – Agony & Ecstasy

“Once the film has its claws dug into you or has inveigled you via its seductive scent there is no way for it to relinquish its grasp, and Lynch wouldn’t have it any other way.” – eFilmcritic