A film by Barbet Schroeder

Wednesday, September 02

21:00 — Mindpirates Projektraum


“Two beautiful and damned souls out of F. Scott Fitzgerald, living in 1969.”ABC-T.V. 

MORE created a sensation when it was released and became a cult Sixties classic.
It is one of the first feature films that used a contemporary rock group to create a soundtrack for a motion picture, and the rock group was none other than PINK FLOYD, creating some of their most spontaneous and eclectic work!

The tale follows the naive Stefan (Klaus Grünberg) who, while taking a break from his university studies, hithchhikes across Europe. Enticed by the offbeat crowd in Paris, he encounters the shyly seductive Estelle (Mimsy Farmer).
In pursuit of adventure they get to the sun-drenched Spanish island of Ibiza, where they lead a seemingly idyllic life by the sea – the scenic beauties and delights of LSD and nude sunbathing fully revealed by Nestor Almendros’ stunning cinematography – before succumbing to heroin addiction.

“I did not want to deal with the drug problem; I used drugs in relationship to the characters. Drugs only interfere as an element in a destruction, only as a motor in a sado-masochistic relationship between a boy and a girl… If my film is against anything, it is against attachments, illusions, selfishness, egotism, alienation.”Barbet Schroeder

“Schroeder and his superb cameraman visualize the alternating agonies and ecstacies of a fatal love. Mimsy Farmer is especially appealing as a character who has been formed as much by movies as by life.”Vincent Canby, New York Times

“A film of intelligence and even rarer, grace. The time between wanting life and needing it.”Lita Eliscu, East Village Other