A film by Peter Jackson

Wednesday, August 26

21:00 — Mindpirates Projektraum


When Peter Jackson took home a “Best Director” Oscar for THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING, he mentioned one of his earliest films, MEET THE FEEBLES, in his acceptance speech, and joked that it was “wisely overlooked by the Academy”. 

MEET THE FEEBLES is a gleefully rude, decidedly adult comedy about the backstage goings-on amongst an eccentric group of puppets the day before their televised variety special.

“A very depraved, raunchy, offensive black comedy that will totally ruin your image of the Muppets, but also happens to be laugh-out-loud hilarious.”Back-Row.com

“There is an undeniable sick delight to be found in the more extreme moments — especially the all-frog Vietnam flashback, and the climactic hippo machine gun massacre — and you can guarantee you’re not going to see another movie like this ever again.”Empire

“One of the most heartwarming gobs of goo ever to grace the screen. The concept that the movie was ever made… That it could possibly exist on a silver screen for us to enjoy… Gloriously sick and twisted. The only UNDERGROUND COMIC styled film ever to see the screen. Feels like a Rober Crumb / S. Clay Wilson gang rape of the Muppets! If you have never seen this… I’m sorry… Ya just ain’t cool.”Aintitcool.com

“The stories of the characters are told in a disgustingly graphic, obscenely offbeat, and caustically funny manner. Calling this film “bizarre” is far too tame — it’s sick, ribald, and willing to try just about anything. That makes for a nearly- unprecedented monument to bad taste. Meet the Feebles is for those with a strong stomach and a seriously warped sense of humor.”Reelviews