A film by Jim Jarmusch

Wednesday, July 15

21:00 — Mindpirates Projektraum


“Stupid fucking white man!” – Nobody

Set in the late nineteenth Century, William Blake (Johnny Depp) travels into the West in search of a job, but on arriving at his destination, finds that the job has already gone. Things get worse, as he accidentally kills a man and has to go on the run, with a Native American spirit guide called ‘Nobody’ (Gary Farmer), who believes Blake is actually the dead English poet of the same name, as his only companion.

“Johnny Depp goes west, young man, and enters Jim Jarmusch’s impressionistic, darkly deadpan vision of the frontier land in this elegiac, episodic and thoughtful Western.” – Empire

“It’s a trip all right, too, with peyote-fuelled vision quests, a cross-dressing frontiersman (played by Iggy Pop!) and Crispin Glover’s intense turn as the train fireman all bringing their own oddball textures to the mix. This is a western of a decidedly revisionist bent, playing out its gunfights and scenes of violent brutality with such quiet understatement that it might equally have been called Dead Pan. Depp, ethereal and otherworldly, drifts through the film like a stranger in a strange land, all to the sparsely epic accompaniment of Neil Young’s haunting guitar score.” Eyeforfilm.co.uk

“Shot by Robby Müller in a high contrast black and white reminiscent of the nature photographs of Ansel Adams, and with a sometimes jarring but always haunting solo-guitar soundtrack, courtesy of Neil Young, Dead Man […] is an allegorical cinematic poem in which, through a merging of the traditional iconography of the Western and the radical poetry of William Blake, Jarmusch succeeds in creating a filmic analogue of Blake’s subversive poetic vision.” Senses of Cinema