A film by Claude Faraldo

Wednesday, July 08

20:30 — Mindpirates Projektraum

Social Factories and Soft Machines

Cinema – Politics – Flesh – Apparatus

Experiments in Expanded Cinema #3

“You have to be always drunk. On wine, poetry, virtue or cinema – as you wish. But be drunk.” – Charles Baudelaire

The third instalment in a series of experiments where Scottish Filmmaker and Artist Sacha Kahir will explore the messianic potential of cinema to transform our reality from within the confines of the apparatus of capitalist machinations.

By cannibalising the moving image’s history – from the ‘Kuleshov Effect’ to Internet Porn – can we produce cartographies of the systems that control us and plot possible escape routes? Can we reinvent ourselves as a species by taking cinematic tropes to their limit?

3rd Event: Permanently Foreign: Staggering Tales of Ba-Ba-Barbarians in Speedos

“I am a thoroughbred mongrel.
I’m related to all the Earth.
And nothing human is foreign to me.“
– The Shanghai Gesture, (dir. Josef von Sternberg, 1941) / The Society of the Spectacle, (dir. Guy Debord, 1973)

Screening: Themroc (Claude Faraldo, 1973)

A pitch black comedy and crude political rant uttered only in grunts, gibberish, and carnage. Savoured by ‘the most fanatical art-house deviants’, Themroc is the story of a man reduced to a brute by working class life, who fights back against civilisation, smashing through the walls and taboos that surround him (in one scene he roasts and eats a policeman).

Through the ritualised cannibalisation of film clips and texts the talk will blur fiction and theory to examine the possibilities creating a Cinema of Cruelty that acts upon the body like a fever.

“Dionysus is a roving itinerant god… an epidemic god. Like a contagious disease, when he erupts in a place that has little exposure to him (…) Suddenly otherness – the other than oneself – asserts its presence. ” – Jean-Pierre Vernant

Inside the Coming Holiday Camp (CHC), Dionysian contagion has left mankind permanently drunk and staggering through the wasteland of “a million balconies facing the sun”.
Witness the vile corruption of young tourists at the hands of strange foreign gods like the Haitian deity Legba – while in the children’s play area the wives of holidaying policemen, after feverishly severing all police lines, are now breast-feeding woodland creature. Barbarians are babbling at the gates.

Featuring the films of Kidlat Tahimak, Seijun Suzuki, René Viénet, the texts of Antonin Artaud, Giorgio Agamben, Deleuze and Guattari, and other bits of incomprehensible foreign muck.

Doors open at 20:30 o’ Clock


Sacha Kahir is filmmaker, artist and writer, born in London, and raised on the Summer Isles in Scotland. Sacha Kahir is the unintentional outcome of experiments by the Czechoslovakian and Indian Communist Parties around 1968.