A film by David Cronenberg
performative talk by Sacha Kahir

Wednesday, May 13

20:30 — Mindpirates Projektraum

 ///Screening limited to about 40 people!

Doors open at 20:10, first come first serve!


Social Factories and Soft Machines

Cinema – Politics – Flesh – Apparatus

Experiments in Expanded Cinema #2

“You have to be always drunk. On wine, poetry, virtue or cinema – as you wish. But be drunk.” — Charles Baudelaire

The second installment in a series of experiments creating performative film evenings where Scottish Filmmaker and Artist Sacha Kahir will explore the messianic potential of cinema to transform our reality from within the confines of the apparatus of capitalist machinations. 

By cannibalising the moving image’s history – from the ‘Kuleshov Effect’ to Internet Porn – can we produce cartographies of the systems that control us and plot possible escape routes?  Can we reinvent ourselves as a species by taking cinematic tropes to their limit?  

 “I am the Kino – Eye.
I take the strongest and most agile hands, from one man, the fastest and best-proportioned legs from another, the most handsome and expressive face from a third, and through montage I create a new, perfect man….
I am the Kino – Eye. 
I am the mechanical eye…

I juxtapose any points in the universe.” – Dziga Vertov (1923).  

A performance / talk / montage of film clips will explore the creation of new configurations of bodies with their environment – physically, sexually and temporally. 

Second Event
Televisionaries! One Last Effort To Become Flesh.


Screening: Videodrome (David Cronenberg, 1983)

‘The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.’ ‎John 1:15 

‘I am the video word made flesh’ — Max Ren, Videodrome

Pre-empting many of the themes of cyberpunk and lauded by the likes of Andy Warhol, VIDEODROME shares ‘Expanded Cinema’s obsession with breaking through the fourth wall of the screen into reality. 

Videodrome is a pirate media broadcast transmitted from a clandestine location somewhere in South East Asia, which relentlessly depicts torture and murder. But something even more dangerous lies behind the images, because Videodrome is not just a TV broadcast; it is an experiment that uses regular TV transmissions to permanently alter the viewer’s perceptions – by giving them brain damage.

Assembled around Videodrome are secret organizations designing new types of warfare, a charity that uses Television as a form of therapy, and Max Ren, the boss of a TV station that specializes in soft-core sex and violence, who is looking for something “hard…something that really breaks through.”    

‘Long live the new flesh Videodrome 

Through texts by William Burroughs, JG Ballard, and Philip K Dick, writers whose imagery deeply informs Cronenberg’s ‘Body Horror’, we will look at the reordering of society and the human body after the advent of cinema.
Furthermore, we will dissect works by filmmakers Dziga Vertov, Chris Maker, and Guy Debord to explore the cinematic contagion of reality.

Doors open at 20:10 o’ Clock

Sacha Kahir Biography

Sacha Kahir is filmmaker, artist and writer, born in London, and raised on the Summer Isles in Scotland.  Sacha Kahir is the unintentional outcome of experiments by the Czechoslovakian and Indian Communist Parties around 1968.