A film by Ken Russell 

Wednesday, March 25
21:00 — Mindpirates Projektraum


Social Factories and Soft Machines

Cinema – Politics – Flesh – Apparatus

Experiments in Expanded Cinema

“You have to be always drunk. On wine, poetry, virtue or cinema – as you wish. But be drunk.” – Charles Baudelaire


These screenings / events mark the debut of a series of experiments in creating performative film evenings where the illusory hierarchy between film screen/object of discussion/ lecturer and audience is broken.

In a series of performance / talks / open discussions Scottish Filmmaker and Artist Sacha Kahir will explore the messianic potential of cinema to transform our reality from within the confines of the apparatus of capitalist machinations.

A spectre haunts our pharmacopornographical regime, the spectre of cinema.  By cannibalising the moving image’s history – from the ‘Kuleshov Effect’ to Internet Porn – can we produce cartographies of the systems that control us and plot possible escape routes?  Can we reinvent ourselves as a species by taking cinematic tropes to their limit?  

“Who had never yearned for such perfection, to draw down from Plato’s Hyperuranium the idea of Cary Grant, to donate it to the world so the world could change… Cary Grant, born a proletarian with a ridiculous name (Archibald Leach) was a living proof that progress existed… In a classless society, anyone could be Cary Grant.” – 
Wu Ming, 54


First Event – March 25th, 9.00pm –

Forms Grow Rampant – Witchcraft and Sex Politics.

Screening: The Devils (Ken Russell 1971)

Still embroiled in battles with the censors 40 years after it’s production, Ken Russell’s ‘The Devils’ is recognized as a cinematic landmark by critics and filmmakers alike. Based on the strange case of the mass demonic possession of a convent of nuns in 17th century France, the film is ferocious visual exploration of sexual repression and society.  

Before the screening a performance / talk / open discussion will explore the power of sexual imagery as a tool for both liberation and control. Using the opposing figures of Wilhelm Reich and his conception of the liberating power of orgasmic / orgone energy to build a new society, and the Marquis De Sade and his mathematical porno-science of limits / limitlessness, which pre-empts many aspects of modern techno-capitalism.  As a third point of reference the queer theory of Beatrice Preciado will be used to explore the reinvention of the human body and whether we can all become Cary Grant.

The event will rearrange segments from the work of transgressive filmmakers including

-Alan Clarke,

-Rosa Von Praunheim,

-Dušan Makavejev,

-and the highly controversial figure of Otto Muehl


-Doors open at 20:00 o’ Clock til open end!

Smokers welcome.

Sacha Kahir Biography

Sacha Kahir is filmmaker, artist and writer, born in London, and raised on the Summer Isles in Scotland.  Sacha Kahir is the unintentional outcome of experiments by the Czechoslovakian and Indian Communist Parties around 1968.     




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