Saturday, April 19
22:00 — Mindpirates Vereinsheim

On Saturday April 19 we have the pleasure to host a very special collaborative audiovisual performance between André Foisy (Locrian) and OKO. André, founding member of the darker-than-black experimental avant-drone trio Locrian (Chicago / Relapse Records), will summon the deepest thickest distorted guitar growls into a room-, ear- and mind-filling metatexture of next-level bliss and dread. Prepare for a mind-altering all-enshrouding serene darkness to enshroud you. ANDRÉ FOISY André Foisy’s other current projects include Kwaidan and Eolomea. He also releases music under his own name (Land of Decay, Stunned Records, Twilight Luggage, Small Doses). His solo sets consists of experimental guitar, tapes and vocals, strongly in the spirit of the works Locrian created before turning to black metal: layers of soft strong flowing beauty, building and eventually falling through peace and climax.

OKO OKO is an attempt to create an enveloping environment of sound, sight and body by merging sound, body-centered performance and video to address humanity’s troubled relation to the natural world. Combined, performance, sound, video and installation can become a force that envelops the viewer within the performance. OKO begins as a low rumble in near darkness and peaks in blinding brightness, as performers and audience attain, together, the next realm of the senses.