June 12 – 15, 2013

Between June 12th and 15th, Mindpirates will transform their venues with images, sounds, lighting, textures and intensities, showcasing a curated program of films, performances, workshops, discussions, readings and live music in order to interact with our audience in a pornographic art experience. Installations throughout the Mindpirates Vereinsheim and Mindpirates Projektraum incorporate drawings, paintings, photography, video and sound.

ART PORN WEEK is a collaboration with international artists who significantly contribute to discovering new ways of sexual understanding. SUKA OFF (Poland), Lucia Egaña (Spain), Katia Sepúlveda (Chile), Matt Lambert (Berlin / UK), Lin Zhipeng | No. 223 (Shanghai), Pussykrew (Poland), Isa Ott (Berlin), Porno Clown (Brazil), Steven James (Berlin), fRancy Fabritz (Berlin), Kristian Petersen (Berlin), Waska (Argentina), Svetlana Pall Mall (Berlin), JUNEsHELEN (Slovenia), Clytaimnestra (Slovenia), Liz Rosenfeld (Berlin), Tomas Hemstad (Berlin), Sara Svärtan Persson (Berlin), Ann Antidote (Berlin), Lun Ario (Berlin), Shu Lea Cheang, Biblioteque Erotique (Amsterdam), COVEN (Berlin), Âssie | Lo-Fi Cherry Porno Pics, Cy Iurinic (Berlin), Anja Wiesinger (Berlin), Emmanuel Pidré (Buenos Aires / Berlin), Owen Roberts (UK), Isabel Albertos Johnston (Spain), Becym (GB), Elisabeth Hannah Neid (NL), The Humping Pact, Creamcake (Berlin), Mother Perera, You and the Blackouts, Lady Gaby and the Dildo Orchestra – these are only a few of many artists that will be pushing the boundaries of art and pornography through their creative works.

The event is curated to encourage visitors to engage in the experience, stepping forward beyond mere spectatorship. We invite everyone to be part of this experience. Join and explore your desires, in a safe and consensual environment.

For more information and detailed program please visit mindpirates.org/artporn

June 12 – 15, 2013

Mindpirates Vereinsheim, Mindpirates Projektraum
Schlesiche Strasse 38, 3rd courtyard
10997 Berlin

Cy Iurinic

Press accreditation:

Teaser Credits:
Porno Clown – AMOR COM A CIDADE (2012)
Hilan Bensusan and Juliana Dorneles – A bio porn tale (2012)
Matt Lambert – Daylight (2012), Fickmaschinen (2010), Heile Gänsje (2013)
Kristian Petersen – Fucking Different XXX (2011)
Inside Flesh – Carnal Fluidity (2008)

Mindpirates Art Porn Week
Artwork by Lin Zhipeng | No. 223 – Hormone (Project: In Existance)