Sunday, April 28
12:00 — Doors

Mindpirates invite you to join us for a relaxed and meditative Sunday slumber in collaboration with Fleißige Bienchen and Ears & Eyes as we delve into a psychedelic world of kaleidoscopic intonation. Float away on a vibrant rainbow of picturesque bliss.
Peace and Love.

Line up:
Rexapis LIVE DRUM (Fleißige Bienchen / Ears & Eyes)

Psyeinrich & Amoriak LIVE E-Guitar (Ears & Eyes)

Joda (Ears & Eyes)

Risto Shivatricx Live Drum (Fleißige Bienchen)




Deko by:
Fleißige Bienchen / Ears & Eyes

Catering by:
Ears & Eyes Küche

Sunday Trip