Saturday, April 20
Sunday, April 21

16:00 — Doors

To celebrate the long awaited rays of sunshine Spring bestows upon us we have invited a mixture of musicians who will play an array of audio-visual experimental compositions over two days in the Mindpirates Silo. The unique space in the Silo is exemplified by its geometric architecture ideal to create an introspective atmosphere for mind-bending fusion.

Bop to the bass in an amalgamation of krautrock, post punk, hip hop and lose your senses in a mingling of jazz beats, drone, ambient techno; consummated to perfection with psychedelic visuals; an ensemble erupting to elevated electronic euphoria, taking you on a trip deep into other worldly phenomena. Together let’s galvanize our minds, lavish our bodies and rejuvenate our wintered soul in Spring’s awakening.


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The Odd Couple



케이프 / CAPE

Wizard Ashdod

Hedge Fund

Easton West


Aurora Halal

Peter Kirn / NERK

Pharoah Cromium

Ill Winds

Jamie Drouin

Valquire Veljkovic

Moritz, Ottó Szabolcs Horváth and Eren Ileri

Drugs & Horses




Juan Hurle



Emmanuel Pidré (NZNZ)


Caio Haar


In the Silo