Saturday, April 6
22:00 — Gathering

Orchestra Elastique is taking over the pirate ship for an unforgettable bash full of energy, psychedelia and elasticism. Being oiled by DJ DJONONiiONIONIION, trance states are advised!


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Orchestra Elastique are a London-based band/music improvisation collective, which comprises of a core group of 6 performers and multi-instrumentalists with several guest musicians.They have played at many major festivals and music venues across Europe and have recorded several soundtracks for feature films and documentaries. OE has played live regularly in various venues across London and have also toured in Europe, playing packed concerts in Berlin, Paris Lisbon, Rotterdam, Sibiu (Romenia), Caen and Istanbul.

The group recently scored the feature film A Fallible Girl, directed by Conrad Clark, alongside regular Bela Tarr and composer Mihaly Vig. The film was premiered at the International Film Festival, Rotterdam and is currently touring Film Festivals in Hong Kong, New York and across Europe.

Their ongoing motif is to depict music as a playground. Hailing from countries such as France, Portugal, Holland, England and Mexico, Orchestra Elastique fill this playground with instruments such as harp, accordion, trumpet, harmonium, piano, theremin, drums, percussion, electronics, vocals, cello, double bass, bagpipes and many more.

The result is a form of music that ranges from subtle dreams to explosive psychedelia. Orchestra Elastique’s performances take you on a breath taking journey which elasticate the mind, senses and space-time. Every Show is a one-off!

The band members are: Joris Beets (delta harp, percussion and more), Antoine Gilleron (trumpet, vocals and more), Bruno Humberto (harmonium, synths, organ and more), Nahum Mantra (theremin, electronics, synth and more), Tristan Shorr (drums, piano and more) and Philippe Lenzini (guitar, toys and more).

Regular guests invited to play include: David Tunstall (bagpipes, double bass), Steph Patten (cello), Fiona Bevan (vocals, violin), Larry Achiampong (bass,vocals), Elo Masing (violin, piano), Tom Whitehouse (flute), Sonia Paço-Rocchia (bassoon), among many others.