Friday, March 8
19:00 — Doors

We welcome you to join us for a reawakening step into spring, with Dariuz and Frederic Klein, enlightening your minds in a collaboration of live musical performances and spinning reviving sounds, accompanied by uplifting visuals to awaken your sleepy senses and put the bounce back into your weary bones. Regenerate your tired skins with a delightful dinner, and some family jamming followed by live acting and spoken words. Together let’s wave goodbye to winters snowy shadow, making way for sunny smiles in a surrounding of electronic rhythms, gliding you blissfully to the joyful rejuvenation of your soul.

Dariuz Voltra, (1987) born in Poland, has been living in the Netherlands for over 16 years and has resided in Berlin for the past two years. After studying Fine Arts, he developed his platform ‘Dear-us’, besides being an active member in his band, his daily life is filled with creating art, film and music.

Frederic Klein, (1986) from Amsterdam, lives and works in Berlin. He was studying Fine Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and graduated in 2011. His work is dramatic, romantic, ironic and in the end self-destructive. All of which is in aim to fulfill his desires. In his new film ‘Endless Desire’ he is tries to get to the shore of his thoughts.