Gegen Berlin and Mindpirates welcomes you to a double sided event, under the banner Gegen Art.

It’s an exhibition of the paintings of Erik Mittasch, who at the Gegen parties has reproduced the flyer image in oil or water color. The flyer image in turn is taken from classic renaissance artists and semiotically recontextualised through the situationist technique of detournement to be given a queer framework related to the theme of the corresponding Gegen event. Eriks paintings become a reproduction of an altered reproduction, questioning history and rewriting the past.

Separately we attempt to take the Gegen Berlin concept out from the night club environment and in to the gallery. In a cycle that functions as one dissected Gegen evening spread out over a week we give the art that we present at the parties a chance to breathe, take time and go deeper. We have chosen to work with artists that have previously participated in Gegen or the circles around us to manifest and showcase the artistic multitude that creates Gegen.

Saturday, January 19th — 20:00
Vernissage with Gegen Tanz
We open the week curated by the driving forces behind the main dance-floor of Gegen.

Tuesday, January 22th
Gegen Words
An evening of poetry, spoken word, readings and text.

Wednesday, January 23th
Gegen Vision
An evening of moving images.

Thursday, January 24th
Gegen Sound
An evening of sound art and noise. Match-ups between two artists that haven’t worked together before.

Friday, January 25th
Finissage w/ The Darkness
Finishing up the week with the The Darkness floor of Gegen.

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Saturday, January 19th — 20:00
We open the week curated by the driving forces behind the main dance-floor of Gegen.

Fernando Poo

When we open the doors to our exhibition of Erik Mitasch’s paintings of the Gegen themes, we do it together with the techno/tech house inferno that is Gegen Tanz, the main floor at Gegen, With us we have two of the residents of said floor, as well as two of the driving forces behind Gegen. Warbear and Fernando Poo. Warbear is a Social Anthropologist, Performance Artist, Curator, Festival Promoter and Dj living between Berlin and Rome. His work is based on Cultural Studies with a focus on Sex Cultures, Independent Cinema and Sociology of Emotions. He is one of the co-producers of “Agender”, the queer movie and futue arts festival based in Rome, and the curator of L.P.M (Live Performance meeting) Queer Section. He has produced events for twenty years, including the historical Phag Off. Fernando Poo is the masked mystery of Gegen Tanz. He even keeps his real name a secret. We do know that he collects analogue synths he releases on the label Joprec, and that his rare techno sets takes us on mind melting journeys inside our brains. To top things off, this evening at Mindpirates the reinforcement comes from within the building. The immenseley talented Dylan Caspar has spun at Gegen before, then using his former moniker Kkoee. Now he goes under the name Privacy, which is a quaint name for a dj so prone on stirring up public outbursts of mad love. Dylans sets are sexy, dense and exciting and we are glad to have him as a guest on this very special event.


Tuesday, January 22nd — 20:00

Performers: Black Cracker, Lady Gaby, Ricardo Domeneck, RM Vaughn, Finn Jackson Ballard, Fernando Poo w/ Warbear, Tomas Hemstad, Eli Levén, Alice Evermore
Paintings: Erik Mittasch
Dj: Lôtic

Our second day of Gegen Art is dedicated to the art of written and verbal communication. It will be a night of human, animal and alien laguages expressed through poetry, spoken word, reading and collage, in which we are proud to present the words of a Canadian wordsmith, a displaced tourguide, a journalist turned dj, a spoken word hostess, an interactive poet, a rapper turned poet, a poet on a screen, a social anthropologist and a swedish writer of novels. When we run out of words the great dj Lôtic will help us digest the evening with his futuristic mix of all things bass.


Wednesday, January 23rd — 20:00

Line-up Visionaries:
Imogen Heath, Ester Martin Bergsmark, Conny Karlsson, Liz Rosenfeld, Matt Lambert, Elina Panik, Claire Kurylowski, Fabio Boxikus, Marit Östberg.
Paintings: Erik Mittasch
Dj: Easton West

Our third day at Mindpirates is a day of sight and vision. At our regular Gegen nights, the imagery projected on the screens through out the club, unite with the sounds from stages and dance floors and the ambience of the club. The composite is what Gegen is. But at Gegen Art we would like to separate this vision and go deeper in to the moving images. We call it Gegen Vision. We have invited some of our favorite film makers and visionaries to participate in this screening, together they bring to us films about love, films about neurosis, films about sex, films about sisterhood, anachronistic films, disturbing films among others. You will view films about daisy chains, films about butter and films about fear of the dark. Films that aren’t about any of this. And when you have seen these films Mindpirates own techno wizard and bass phantom Easton West hits the decks while we hit the bar with the film makers.


Thursday, January 24th — 20:00

Performers: Pär Thörn vs. Linus Gabrielsson, Tikul Noir vs. Elisabeth I, Ango MeekDead vs. Anna Bolena, Vero Mota vs. Olle Holmberg.
Sound sculpture: Fernando Poo
Dj: Lower Order Ethics

On our fourth Gegen Art event it is all about aural perceptions. Sound is maybe the most integral to the Gegen experience, but a dance floor or even a night club stage has its limitations. At Gegen Sound we want to move deeper in to the world of sounds, perceive them on a more abstract plane then in the typical 4/4 scenario. We have invited a lot of DJs, musicians and sound artists that we have worked with before, alongside some new names, and we have asked them to work together. For many of them this night will be the first time they meet and the sounds produced in this meeting will be a unique piece never to be repeated again. We are expecting a wide array of bleeps, tweaks, noises, feedbacks and loops, created by some of the finest artists from within or around the circle of Gegen. For this evening we also utilize the amazing silo that is part of Mindpirates, with a sound sculpture by Fernando Poo. And behind the decks, after and between the performances, we bring you the sound of knowledge, channelled by Lower Order Ethics.


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