Saturday, May 26th
6pm Tableau Vivant
12pm Baby of Control
1am DJ Marcelle

For the MONTH OF PERFORMANCE ART – BERLIN, Mike Hentz creates an installation of 200 square metres surface area as the centerpoint of his performance. The performance itself – a chaotic cacophony of colour, music, scents, objects and action – invites the audience to discover the core idea and script.

Except the name Tableau Vivant, Mike Hentz performances evoke little association with the historical definition of Tableaux Vivants – those live depictions of famous paintings or sculptures made popular in the late 18. century. Hentz works are more of a process-oriented happening and pool of existential test arrangements.

Matsuyama Yuko, Pipe Lange, Sergey Kleyn, Karen Boehne, Melanie Marx, Daniel Herrmann, Veronika Schuhmacher, Daniel Nechvatal, Gerard Couty, Rotraut Pape, Jennifer Mulinde, Nina Vitanova, Ninon Liotet, Kissing Couples, Mike Hentz and the Mindpirates

Saturday, May 26th 2012
6pm – 12pm: Tableau Vivant
12pm: Baby of Control
1am: DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess


Mike Hentz (Juli, 2. 1954 in New Jersey, USA) is an international graphic designer, photographer, musician and performance artist.
As professor he tutors at diverse art schools world wide and keeps himself busy with mediaart mainly. Hentz a trained violinist, was trained at the music-theater in Paris before he engaged himself in performance art in the late seventies. Living in Düsseldorf at the times, he co-founded the performance group “Delta Minus t” and recorded the album “Death Opera”. In the eighties he was significantly involved in the 3. “Padlt Noildlt” festival in Graz, Switzerland and held several visiting professorships at the “Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg” besides being an actor at the operahouse in Frankfurt.
In 1980 he was co-founder of “Frigo” and “Radio Bellevue” as well as the “European Media Art Lab“. In the nineties he developed and produced several TV projects for cable and satellite such as “Van Gogh TV” and “Piazza Virtuale” as well as “Universcity TV”.
Furthermore the taught at the institute for art and technology in Moscow, Russia at the university in Riga, Lettland. Hertz also worked for the polish television in Warsaw, where he created a concept for media art. From 2003 to 2008 he taught intermedia creation.


Where does the music end and the performance start? Baby of Control is an emotional fireworks, a colourful bouquet of folk music, popular songs. A paper maché dream dipped in LSD including vanished eurodance anthems, high pitched rap and disco-core.
Baby of Control is a student collective operating out of the Offenbach/Frankfurt area.


Marcelle is an internationally renown DJ, celebrated for her very own style – an ecclectic mix of underground sounds – from dubstep and experimental electronica to world music, techno, leftfield hip hop and many more. “She transforms everyone’s idea of how to dance and feel great” (New York Gig Review)