The Berlin Sesssions and Let the Sun Shine In were seven night series of jam sessions and an exhibition with Lionel Williams and invited artists, organized by the Mindpirates in January 2012.

Let The Sun Shine In was an exhibition of the artwork of artist and musician Lionel Williams.

The Mindpirates celebrated during the greyest of days with Lionel Williams, a hippie sun child from California. He was invited to share his stunning artwork — collages on paper and film — and to come together with a musical community for a seven-night series of one-off Jam Sessions.

The Berlin Sesssions (January 22–28) were seven night series of jam sessions with Lionel Williams and special guest musicians including Raz Ohara and the Odd Orchestra, Jochen Arbeit (Einstürzende Neubauten), Verity Susman (Electrelane), Manfred Kage, Jens Zygar, Valerie Renay (Noblesse Oblige), Travis Stewart aka Machinedrum, Miguel De Pedro aka Kid 606, Infinite Livez, Annika Henderson (Anika), Hopek Quirin, Sneak-Thief, the Mindpirates and more.

We were pleased to announce the opening of the Mindpirates Projektraum and Mindpirates Auditorium. We’ve held many events including film screenings, exhibitions, concerts, performances and celebrations during two years of running the Mindpirates Vereinsheim. Now we are thrilled and delighted to share our new spaces and all their future moments with you.

Read the publication Let The Sun Shine In (color, 64 pages), which has been created especially for this project.

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