Mindpirates Projektraum reopening

Mindpirates Projektraum reopening

Mindpirates are very happy to announce the reopening of our Projektraum space, at a new location on Schlesische Str. 37. The opening will take place on April 3, 19h, with a new video installation. It is a kaleidoscope reshuffling of our previous video work, a time travel of sorts through the history of Mindpirates in and around our Vereinsheim and Projektraum, various projects and exhibitions, our collaborators, friends and family.

André Foisy + OKO + Special Guest

Saturday, April 19
22:00 — Mindpirates Vereinsheim

On Saturday April 19 we have the pleasure to host a very special collaborative audiovisual performance between André Foisy (Locrian) and OKO. André, founding member of the darker-than-black experimental avant-drone trio Locrian (Chicago / Relapse Records), will summon the deepest thickest distorted guitar growls into a room-, ear- and mind-filling metatexture of next-level bliss and dread. Prepare for a mind-altering all-enshrouding serene darkness to enshroud you. Read on...


Ciné Club: The Beaver Trilogy

A film by Trent Harris

Wednesday, April 23
20:00 — Mindpirates Vereinsheim

Of all the films that have ever been or will be, nothing compares to Beaver Trilogy. It’s an organic cinematic experience which evolved over 18 years from a chance encounter in a parking lot into a complex and haunting filmic masterpiece Beaver Trilogy resonates with pure emotion rooted in reality but transformed into fiction. Trent Harris is more than the director of this phenomenon. His role as both observer and artist was a key component in the intricate development of the film.

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Sand Journal Launch

Friday, April 25
8:30 — Mindpirates Vereinsheim

What ties you to me and us to them? From loves to lovers, frenemies to BFFs for life, we build relationships in millions of myriad ways: We meet people in parks and bars, grocery stores, support groups, shopping malls, school, dance classes, gym classes, the internet. Sometimes, they’re family. No matter how or why, our relationships help define who we are. Join SAND Journal in celebrating the ties that bind at the Issue 9 launch party, a hybrid evening of readings followed by one of SAND’s (dare we say) legendary dance parties featuring perennial SAND DJ favorites James Falco, WLFGNG, and Linguini.

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