Mindpirates Livingroom

Zana and Ralf on a Sonic Mission

Friday, August 1 21:00 — Mindpirates Vereinsheim

A wild inter-dimensional supersonic journey with Žana Bosnjak and Ralf Schmerberg as your guides through inner and outer space.

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Film Night: Man Bites Dog

A film by Rémy Belvaux, André Bonzel & Benoit Poelvoorde

Wednesday, August 13
21:00 — Mindpirates Vereinsheim

What a delightful, happy boy Benoit was. How charming and bright and singular.

This is what the grandparents and mother of the hero in the weirdly funny Belgian comedy “Man Bites Dog” have to say about their darling, now-grown-up boy. And yes, we would certainly have to agree that Benoit is a unique fellow. He plays the piano, spouts poetry and discourses on the aethestic corruption of senior citizen housing. All in all, he’s good, if somewhat domineering, company.

That is, if you don’t mind his being a mass murderer.

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Film Night: My Own Private Idaho

A film by Gus van Sant

Wednesday, August 20
21:00 — Mindpirates Vereinsheim

Gus Van Sant’s MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO – the title taken from a B52s song, and the story, in part, from Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Parts I and II – stars River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves as two young street hustlers: Mike Waters, a sensitive narcoleptic who dreams of the mother who abandoned him, and Scott Favor, the wayward son of the mayor of Portland and object of Mike’s desire. Navigating a volatile world of junkies, thieves, and johns, Mike takes Scott on a quest from the grungy streets to the open highways of the Pacific Northwest, in search of an elusive place called home.

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Film Night: Happiness


Wednesday, August 27
21:00 — Mindpirates Vereinsheim

A seemingly normal group of characters (several of them related) living in well to do America each harbour disturbing dysfunctions. Among them are a Psychiatrist, husband and father who has paedophilic tendencies, a phone-sex pest, and a plus-sized woman with a secret.

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Presented by SUBCULTURE

Saturday, August 30
18:00 — Mindpirates Vereinsheim

The exhibition merges themes of identity and concepts of anonymity: layers which shape identities. These are positioned within the context of ‘margins’. The exhibition will be an extension of the SUBCULTURE magazine. Using immersive filmic techniques, all of the individual works represent an inspired exchange which focuses on socio p olitical discourse, unique philosophies, and individual experiences.

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Film Night: Profondo Rosso

A film by Dario Argento

Wednesday, September 3
21:00 — Mindpirates Vereinsheim

Blow-Up star David Hemmings plays a jazz pianist who, while working in Rome, witnesses the brutal murder of a famous psychic. Befriended by an assertive female reporter (Daria Nicolodi), Hemmings seeks to solve the mystery, only to find himself a suspect, then a target, drawn into a shocking web of dementia, savagery and violence.

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Chapel Perilous IV

Saturday, July 26
20:00 — Mindpirates Vereinsheim

WELCOME TO THE GORGE OF ETERNAL PERIL – where nothing is true and everything is permitted.
Chapel Perilous is an intimate gathering curated by Alex Moon-Age, showcasing a potpourri of performance, audio oddities, art and film projection, engaging the intimacy of the Mindpirates Vereinsheim.
Music: Stefana Fratila (Canada), Moonbow (UK),V with noise piece Black Vomit Black Blood (DE), Teak (DE)
Performance/ Installation: Rebecca Halls, Michał Andrysiak
DJs: Antochrist and Casio, Alex Moon-Age, Moonfang

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