Wednesday, May 17

20:00 — The Hole

We are welcoming our newbie curator Lisa and start the night to come with a surreal and stimulating piece by Luis Buñuel. Where Simon stands on top of a stone column in the middle of the desert and prays for six years, six weeks and six days in 45minutes. Come join us this Wednesday night for a contemplation on the devil, christ, surrealism, a celebration of the collective subconscious and a glass of sparkling wine!

Open doors 8 pm

Facebook Event Page

Entry 5 Euro





PornCorn #2 – Watch & Talk

Thursday, May 25

20:00 — The Hole

Fecunda Lab and Mindpirates invite you to PornCorn:

PornCorn aims to normalise porn through contemporary screenings of alternative pornography short films (Queer, Fun, Feminist, Gay, Kinki, or Fetish, among others) of one selected film director in public spaces. We believe a porn film can be appreciated just as a film – with the ability to evoke emotion.

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