PornCorn #4 – Watch & Talk

Thursday, 21 September

20:00 — The Hole

Fecunda Lab and Mindpirates invite you to PornCorn:

PornCorn aims to normalise porn through contemporary screenings of alternative pornography short films (Queer, Fun, Feminist, Gay, Kinki, or Fetish, among others) of one selected film director in public spaces.

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Matchbox.TV & Live Set by Sam Andreae

Wednesday, 6 September

20:00 — The Hole

Join us for a night of video art and live music with curator Insa Langhorst!

Matchbox.TV is an online commissioning and exhibition platform that offers an experimental framework for artists to make new work. The selected artists create 5-minute video clips based on a set of 10 Dadaistic questions.
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Leandro TAUB speaks about Alejandro JODOROWSKY

Monday, 28 August

19:00 — The Hole

I have offered to Leandro Taub a very important role in ‘Endless Poetry’. He gave me the pleasure of accepting it. […] Today Leandro Taub arrived to the set. I believe he is the only being, able to incarnate the poet Enrique Lihn […] Leandro Taub in ‘Endless Poetry’ is acting as the poet Enrique Lihn in a marvellous way. I was not wrong to offer him such a difficult role.

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