Let’s Guru! / An Introductory Journey to Wisdom

Let’s Guru! / An Introductory Journey to Wisdom

Friday, February 17

21:00 — The Hole


Dear Friends, 

Mindpirates invite you this Friday 17th, to a gentle, introductory trip and hope you take the ticket, when we say:

Let´s Guru!
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Friday Bar Night & Pre Glitter Session at the Hole

Let it shine! Oh yes, this is happening.

Friday, February 10

20:00 — The Hole


This is a spontaneus gathering to DRESS UP and OVERLOAD in sparkle, glitter and everything that shines! Say hello Berlin Nightlive !but don´t miss to get fancytized upfront in our PRE-GLITTER Box!
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A head is a head, but what can a mind be?

Friday, February 03

20:00 — The Hole


For Friday night we will gather for another session of improvised behavior at THE HOLE.
We invite you for a musical exploration with Mindpirates and Friends like Dan Freeman and Guilliano and XERRC,
all coming by to practice and to provide your soul with food.
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