Externe WG-Party

Feat. Ben Vol.2

Saturday, November 22
23:00 — Mindpirates Vereinsheim

Die sexy WG feiert — und zwar keine Geburtstage, sondern nur sich selbst!
DJs: Mars Maedchen / Jacques E. Line (Ben Mueller)

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Saturday, November 15
23:00 — Mindpirates Vereinsheim

Alpha loves Mindpirates and Mindpirates loves Alpha.
And because we love the fact that this beautiful location & people made the first Alpha party happend for us we want to go back to ourroots and have a small and very local party to the end of the year !

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Sand Journal

Sand Journal Issue 10 Launch Party

Friday, October 24
20:00 — Mindpirates Vereinsheim

Why is 6 afraid of 7? You guessed it. Because 7 ate 9. And that’s why we’re sticking with 10. Not only is it a safe, non-cannibalistic number, it’s a special number for SAND, as we’re celebrating our 10th birthday on October 24 with another of our hybrid evenings of excellent readings and epic dancing.

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Chapel Perilous IV

Saturday, July 26
20:00 — Mindpirates Vereinsheim

WELCOME TO THE GORGE OF ETERNAL PERIL – where nothing is true and everything is permitted.
Chapel Perilous is an intimate gathering curated by Alex Moon-Age, showcasing a potpourri of performance, audio oddities, art and film projection, engaging the intimacy of the Mindpirates Vereinsheim.
Music: Stefana Fratila (Canada), Moonbow (UK),V with noise piece Black Vomit Black Blood (DE), Teak (DE)
Performance/ Installation: Rebecca Halls, Michał Andrysiak
DJs: Antochrist and Casio, Alex Moon-Age, Moonfang

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If You Are So Smart, Why Ain’t You Rich?

Friday, January 17
22:00 — Mindpirates Vereinsheim

You are cordially invited to the fundraising party of the art project « If You Are So Smart, Why Ain’t You Rich? » – a parallel research and exhibition project of the 5th Marrakech Biennale.  « If You Are So Smart, Why Ain’t You Rich ? » , first and foremost, pays tribute to the artist Julius Eastman, a genius Afro-American minimal composer who did not shy away from art as a medium of political expression, Read on...

Experimenta India

Experimenta India

Friday / July 19
Doors 21:00 / Film 22:00

Experiments in animation, found footage and stylized montage from the late 60s and early 70s in India produced by Films Division, the government institution set up for the production and distribution of information film and newsreels. This selection offers a view into the aesthetic and socio-political history of experimental filmmaking in India, and is an extension of the research project Excavating Indian Experimental Film conducted by Experimenta India. Read on...


Detour Night

Friday / July 12
Doors 23:00

At Detour lives the most underground beats from House and Techno. A night leaded by James Dean Brown, one of the founder fathers of Perlon and Narcotic Syntax, together with John Meier A.K.A. Dj Siddhartha, one of the initiators of the electronic music scene in Chile. Read on...