The Hole 
              Friday, 26th May, 9 P.M Onwards

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Dear Music Lovers of Berlin,

Dust off those old vinyls lying around your home and bring them to life at ‘The Hole’ on Friday, 26th May, 9 P.M onwards. Feel welcomed to contribute to the analog listening experience and let the music completely surround you.

Here is a step by step guide:

1) Dust off the coolest vinyl you own. (It’s about time.)

2) Bring the Vinyl to The Hole.

3) Give it to the DJ.

4) Grab a drink and immerse yourself in the live psychedelic light show while your music plays in the background.

5) Make connections and meet your fellow vinyl lover. (Open house for Vinyl Traders.)

See You! 


Wednesday, May 17

20:00 — The Hole

We are welcoming our newbie curator Lisa and start the night to come with a surreal and stimulating piece by Luis Buñuel. Where Simon stands on top of a stone column in the middle of the desert and prays for six years, six weeks and six days in 45minutes. Come join us this Wednesday night for a contemplation on the devil, christ, surrealism, a celebration of the collective subconscious and a glass of sparkling wine!

Open doors 8 pm

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Entry 5 Euro