What was The Lovers?

Odyssey_of_the_Lovers_poster3The Lovers set out to create a transformational happening: on August 25th and 26th, 2012, 400 participants came together on an idyllic island of perfect nature outside of Berlin for an an ambitious jam session, uniting 100 international musicians and running non-stop for twenty-four hours. 

The invitation to The Lovers promised an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience. On site, the event morphed into a cathartic tempest, a caged whirlwind of both love and hate, epiphany and confusion. Many left before it was over, while others wanted for it to never end. Years on, some remember The Lovers with passionate fondness and still struggle to find words to describe it, while for others the dream had turned nightmarish and left a bitter feeling.


The Lovers was conceptualized by Mindpirates — Nora Colie, Pauline Doutreluingne, Kevin Klein, Lynn Koppen, Owen Roberts, Brandon Rosenbluth, Ralf Schmerberg, Christian Schmid-Rincon, Sarah Traoré, Cy Iurinic, Easton West — in summer 2013. They conceived it as “a search and experiment to evoke love and human gratitude among each other and towards the universe”.


Wizard Ashdod, Sam Barker, Marco Barotti, Justine Beatty, Leon Behm, Luke Benge, Pierre Bizot, Jan Blumenroth, Even Brenden, Hada Carulus, Etkin Cekin, Stefan Charisius, Nuphar Charsky, Iris Dankemeyer, Billy Daskind, Debmaster, Tammo Dehn, Jack Dibben, Daniel Dodecahedron, Alexander Dowerk, Arnaud Duvoux, Eliyas, Eli Fabrikant, Lucas Febraro, Tobias Feltes, Miguel Fernandez, Oli Friedrich, Butchy Fuego, Linus Gabrielsson, Antonio Garcia, Sofia Gaschutz, Oren Gerlitz, Emilio Gordoa, Alex Grey, Marian Gwozdz, Sam Hall, Sam Handley, Josh Head, Maximilian Hecker, Philip Ho, Olle Holmberg, Tim Hoppe, Mike Jefford, Jovanka, Moon Suk Kang, Samuel Kerridge, Elyas Khan, Phoebe Kiddo, Jascha Kreft, Joanna Kupnicka, Carolin Langner, Niko Lefort, Cory Levinson, Lucola, Yuko Matsuyama, Servullo Mendez, Harmony Molina, Megg Morales, Michel Morin, Rudi Moser, Moritz Nolden, Raz Ohara, Adam Parkinson, Sasha Perera, Daniel Plaushes, Anthony Plekhov, Owen Roberts, Brandon Rosenbluth, Jens Rosenkranz, Yoyo Röhm, Antaeus Roy, Bob Rutman, Iku Sakan, Michael Saup, Henning Severud, Milo Smee, Soname, Cameron Stallones, Jonny Teardrop, Komi Togobunko, Stuart Turner, Gordon W., Jonathan Walter, Lukas Walter, Dylan Warn, Gordian Wittenbecher, Gabriel Wolff, Makiho Yoshida, Jens Zygar, Benjamin Zordan