Berlin, January. Cold … wet … dark … isolation. And a whole lot of nothing going on. One either grins and bears the temporary depression or packs up a melancholic soul and escapes. The long-looming year 2012 has already become our current calendar. The countdown is on. Where do we go next? What will happen? Will the world end? Will it go irreparably mad? All the omens! Will Capitalism fall? Will Berlin stay Berlin? Will we ever see blue sky again?

Flash back to last autumn: Sunny California. LA. A screening of the Mindpirates film, Problema, at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. We meet artist Lionel Williams for the first time. We talk and talk for hours in a parking lot behind the cinema. Before we know it, we’re jamming in a tiny wooden house, six by six feet. Lionel’s daily recording studio. We get lost, thrown into the music, tripping through a universe of sound. We fall in love, making plans for things to come. We part, vowing to meet and jam again, next time in Berlin.

Let The Sun Shine In! This renowned song from the 1967 musical Hair was a herald of the astrological Age of Aquarius — the New Age! At the end of the show, a mass of people peacefully storm the Vietnam War era White House, singing this song, celebrating peace and love. We at the Mindpirates love this song. We can often be found dancing to it. We found out that Lionel shares our song crush. He also just loves it. Maybe it is the song’s openness; maybe it’s the feel of a universal chant of hope. Maybe it is our collective nostalgia for the hippie-age that we missed? Our shared secret hope for its return?

Whatever it may be, we knew what had to be done: We, as Mindpirates, must import Lionel Williams, a hippie sun child from California, during the greyest of days of Berlin winter 2012. We’ve invited him to share his stunning art work — collages on paper and film — and to come together with a musical community for a seven-night series of one-off Jam Sessions. For each of these seven nights, we’ve put together a captivating list of musicians and artists. Over the course of a week, they will join the Mindpirates and perform with Lionel Williams, leading a trip into the undefined beautiful nowhere.

Let The Sun Shine In will happen at our Kreuzberg headquarters at the Oberbaumbrücke. Here, the Mindpirates are ready to debut our newest endeavor: the Mindpirates Projektraum and Mindpirates Auditorium. After two years of running the Mindpirates Vereinsheim, where we’ve held many an event — film screenings, exhibitions, concerts, performances and celebrations — we are thrilled and delighted to share this new space and all its future moments with you.

This magazine presents you with the artistic world of Lionel Williams; what he does and who he is. It tells you all about the sessions; who is involved, how to find us and when. If you look out your window, into the grey and beyond, you can find us. A group of crazy, happy people; a weird cult of singing, jamming, praising and remembering the Sun. Come on! Maybe 2012 will be fun.

— The Mindpirates