Lionel Williams, The Mindpirates, Michel Morin (Sneak-Thief) & Friends

Session 07
Samstag, 28. Januar 2012Saturday, 28th of January 2012
Verensheim 21:00 - Close

The Mindpirates

Mindpirates is an artist group that works on aspects and issues of contemporary culture, sociology and ecology. Our approach to this work is independent and interdisciplinary. We combine challenging aesthetics, substantial examination and experiment with new forms of distribution, exposition and cooperation.

The Mindpirates Vereinsheim has seen some very special jam sessions take place among Mindpirates and friends. With a tendency towards the cosmic and the tribal, we have thrived on ever-revolving groups of creative spirits communicating through sound. Synthesizers, guitars, horns, and voices get raised to the skies in a flurry of sound, color and rhythm. Our sessions are left open to the creative input of friends — a dynamic, organic process, which shifts and turns as people come and people go.

The musical jam is a special part of our group dynamic and we are very excited about welcoming Lionel, about incorporating him, his exhibition and his performances.

Michel Morin aka Sneak-Thief

Under the monikers of Sneak-Thief and Polygamy Boys, Michel Morin (1976) makes stomping electro-funk, techno and disco. His live performances are all him, all synth, all live sound. In attempts at fusing man and machine, he does what no vinyl, cd or laptop can. Over the past five years he’s also been hard at work on his custom analogue modular synths, with which he will really push the boundaries, challenging the accepted definition of electronic music performance.