Lionel Williams, rRoxymore, Nick Henderson & Annika Henderson (Anika)

Session 03
Dienstag, 24. Januar 2012Tuesday, 24th of January 2012
Projekt Raum 19:00 - 00:00


Most recognizable as the keyboard wizard in Planningtorock’s (DFA) live show, as well as Speed Caravan, Ms Frank will be drawing upon her own solo project, rRoxymore, to introduce a slightly harder, electronic element to the evening’s collective improvisation.

Annika Henderson aka Anika

Annika Henderson (1987) is a political journalist turned dub-punk singer of the No Wave variety. She recently teamed up with the band Beak> to release Anika, an album which runs the gamut from experimental rock (Yang Yang, Officer Officer) to folk covers (Masters of War), to pop songs (Terry, I Go To Sleep), all set to the soothing drone of reverb-drenched, ancient rhythms.