Program: Part 2 / August 2012

August 9-12, 2012 | Mindpirates Projektraum, Schlesische Str. 38, 10997 Berlin

Citizens Reporting, A Collective Memory combines a series of talks, discussions and film screenings that address the emergence of citizen journalism due to the rapid transformation of the social and political climate within the Middle East. The formal lines between journalism and other professional fields blur as people from different backgrounds become the reporters who contest censorship and restore transparency across media channels.

The program looks at various forms of reporting that surfaced in response to recent moments of crises, social change and political struggle, and asks how these forms may eventually shift the dynamic relations between notions of citizenship, social awareness, historiography and collective memory over the course of four days. One part of the program is a compilation of inspiring references and films, as well as other projects that are in dialogue with Azin Feizabadi’s ongoing research project A Collective Memory. The project was launched in 2009 as a response to the social and political transformations in Iran and the Middle East. It questions the possibility of using political jargon within aesthetics and poetics on one hand, while suggesting an associative form of documentation, observation and historical narration on the other.

The films selected for this program span a variety of projects, each displaying different approaches to relaying a message through unconventional forms of documentary filmmaking and unveiling realities the mainstream media landscape does not expose to the common viewer. With the advent of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media, acts of reporting and giving account to the public continue to render new qualities, in terms of their formal and investigative aspects as well as in terms of mobility, anonymity and connectivity. This has caused and still causes the aesthetics of protest and resistance to undergo transition, not only among certain youth cultures, as often stated in the media, and puts them at risk of being co-opted into other professional fields and contexts where they easily become stripped of their critically informing, alarming and potentially jeopardizing essence. Multiple examples could be drawn from the world of advertisement and mainstream cinema just as much as from the world of contemporary art, where activist strategies are all too often brought into play but not paired with the necessary endurance, in terms of time and engagement, to actually achieve the alleged impact on the ground. This program is a way to discuss the risks and ask for heed and precision with regard to these circumstances.

Program curated by Dina Kafafi, Jens Maier-Rothe and Azin Feizabadi.


Day 1: Thursday, August 9th
16:00 Talk | The Changing Media Landscape in the Middle East by Tarek Atia (Journalist, Cairo)
17:00 Talk | CitJo – A Work Report by Sarah Wali (CitJo, Cairo)
18:15 Discussion with Tarek Atia & Sarah Wali
19:30 Talk | Creative Time Reports by Marisa Katz (Creative Time, New York)
22:00 Film | Roadmap to Apartheid (90′, 2011, USA/IL/ZA) by Ana Nogueira and Eron Davidson
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Day 2: Friday, August 10th
16:00 Talk | Stefan Winkler (Goethe Institute, Cairo)
17:00 Talk | Mosireen – A Work Report by Jasmina Metwaly (Mosireen Collective, Egypt)
18:30 Film | 1/2 Revolution (72’, 2012, EG/FR) by Karim El Hakim & Omar Shargawi
20:15 Discussion with Jasmina Metwaly & Stefan Winkler
21:00 Film | The Aesthetics of Protest (30’, 2010, IR) by Hamed Yousefi
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Day 3: Saturday, August 11th
12:00 Talk | Seeing Histories by Kaya Behkalam (Filmmaker, Cairo/Berlin)
14:00 Film | The Silent Majority Speaks (93′, 2010, IR) by The Silent Collective
16:30 Film | First Case, Second Case (50’, 1979 – 1981, IR) by Abbas Kiarostami
17:30 Talk | A Collective Memory: Poetics, Politics & Love Letters by Azin Feizabadi (Artist, Tehran/Berlin)
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Day 4: Sunday, August 12th
12:00 Talk | Orwa Nyrabia (Director of DoxBox, Syria)
13:00 Talk | Cultures of Resistance by Iara Lee (Filmmaker, Brazil/Korea)
14:30 Film | The Suffering Grasses (60’, 2012, TR) by Iara Lee
15:30 Discussion with Iara Lee & Orwa Nyrabia
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Made possible with the kind support of:
Goethe Institute Cairo



July 13th through August 12th, 2012
Open Wednesday through Saturday
13:00 – 19:00

Mindpirates Projektraum
Schlesische Strasse 38, 3HH
10997 Berlin


Wednesday, August 8th
22:00 Pacha (2011, Mexico / Bolivia)
Héctor Ferreiro’s Pacha is a radical, visually powerful and poetic appeal for change. The film is based on demonstrations that took place in 2003 when Bolivia’s indigenous majority protested against the sale of their gas resources to American companies. Outdoor screening weather permitting.

Thursday, August 16th
22:00 Citizen Kino: Society Of The Psy-pOp-tacle

An expanded cinema to liberate us from flat screens to turn viewing into dialogues. To turn passive downloading into active engagement and embodied experimentation. Hosted with Dr. Podinski from San Francisco and special guests to crack the spectacle. Featuring rare archive footage from the global front.