Day 4: Sunday 12th

12:00 Talk | Orwa Nyrabia (Director of DoxBox, Syria)
(Incl. short Q&A)
Orwa Nyrabia is the co-founder and program director of Dox Box International Documentary Film Festival and Editor–in-chief of Tafaseel, the newly launched documentary film quarterly in Arabic and English. He is also a producer and co-founder of Proaction Films, a Damascus-based production & distribution company. For more information please visit


13:00 Talk | Cultures of Resistance by Iara Lee (Filmmaker, Brazil/Korea)
(Incl. short Q&A)
Cultures of Resistance (CoR) is the name of both a feature documentary and an activist network. The website,, exists as an outreach site through which people inspired by the film can find ways to get involved in peace and global justice issues.

Through the website CoR promotes a variety of grassroots campaigns and organizations. They both draw attention to the ongoing work of organizations that are engaged in long-term campaigns for social change and assist activist efforts to address humanitarian crises as they arise. For more information please visit


14:30 Film | The Suffering Grasses (60min, 2012, TR) by Iara Lee
Over a year later, with thousands dead and counting, the ongoing conflict in Syria has become a microcosm for the complicated politics of the region and an unsavory reflection of the world at large. Against the backdrop of the Arab Spring, NATO’s toppling of Moammar Qaddafi in Libya and the complicated politics of the region, this film seeks to explore the Syrian conflict through the humanity of the civilians who have been killed, abused and displaced to the squalor of refugee camps. In all such conflicts, large and small, it is civilians—women and children, families and whole communities—who suffer at the leisure of those in power. While focusing on the plight of those caught in the crossfire of the hegemons, we seek to unravel the conflict by exploring the motivations of its actors—the Ba’athist regime of Bashar al-Assad, the Free Syrian Army and other geopolitical players like the United States, Israel, Russia, China, Iran, Lebanon, Turkey, the Gulf countries… When elephants go to war, it is the grass that suffers. This is a film about the elephants, but made for the grasses. For more information please visit:

15:30 Discussion with Iara Lee & Orwa Nyrabia