Day 1: Thursday, August 9th

16:00 Talk | The Changing Media Landscape in the Middle East by Tarek Atia (Journalist, Cairo)
(incl. short Q&A)
This talk is a tour of the rapidly evolving media landscape in the Middle East. It’s been a very exciting decade of transformation. The presentation will span the spectrum from the origins of the initial opening up of the region’s media landscape with the emergence of Al Jazeera, private satellite TV and new media (mostly blogging) all the way to today’s crowded and revolutionary social media centric mayhem, with a focus on how citizen and other media have helped shape public perceptions and inspired change while still having a long way to go in terms of helping society evolve to meet people’s ever-increasing expectations.


17:00 Talk | CitJo – A Work Report by Sarah Wali (CitJo, Cairo)
(incl. short Q&A)
CitJo is a way for regular citizens of the world to shape the news and bring to light their eyewitness reports. The self-titled Hub for Citizen Journalists in the Middle East organizes information materials to give citizen journalism content professional value. The CitJo brand is based on professionalism, journalistic integrity and quality work. Their focus is to develop a strong network of “citjos” with those same values. The platform created aims to fill the need for an organized and professional site that connects citizens that are on the ground with media professionals, and their stories with a wider audience. The ultimate goal is to create a society that is media literate by giving the opportunity to participate in and eventually direct the news conversation.

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18:15 | Discussion with Tarek Atia & Sarah Wali | Incl. short Q&A

19:30 Talk | Creative Time Reports by Marisa Katz (Creative Time, New York) | Incl. short Q&A
Creative Time commissions, produces and presents art that engages history, breaks new ground, challenges the status quo and infiltrates the public realm while engaging millions of people in New York City and across the globe. They are guided by a passionate belief in the power of art to create inspiring personal experiences as well as foster social progress.
The Creative Time team has been hard at work imagining ways to counteract the increasingly homogenized views portrayed in mainstream news media. The haze of information that results from the consolidation of media sources and the drastic reduction of correspondents’ offices made them think, ‘Why aren’t artists, some of our most engaged citizens, a central part of this conversation?’. Artists have always been deeply engaged in the issues of their time. Society needs to hear their analysis of our toughest challenges, especially today. Therefore, in October of this year, they will launch Creative Time Reports, a free online web platform that features artists as critical thinkers, actively engaging in the most pressing international events, including government stalemates, corruption, elections, revolutions, health care, immigration, civil rights, human rights and more. For more information please visit:


22:00 Film | Roadmap to Apartheid (90min, 2011, USA/IL/ZA) by Ana Nogueira and Eron Davidson
Narrated by Alice Walker (author of The Color Purple), Roadmap to Apartheid is as much a historical document of the rise and fall of apartheid in South Africa as it is a film about why many Palestinians feel they are living in an apartheid system today and why an increasing number of people around the world agree with them. While not perfect, the apartheid analogy is a useful framework by which to educate people on the complex issues facing Israelis and Palestinians. The film delves into those issues, comparing the many similar laws and tools used by both Israel and apartheid-era South Africa. The audience will see what life is like for Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and inside Israel, while gaining a deeper understanding of the conflict with the help of respected analysts on the subject. Combined with archival material and anecdotes from South Africans, the film forms a complete picture as to why the analogy is being used with increasing frequency and potency. Ana Nogueira, born in South Africa, is a journalist and first-time filmmaker. She worked as a producer for the national daily radio and TV news program Democracy Now! in the United States for four years and later as a correspondent for the show. She is also a founding member of the New York City Independent Media Center and the global Indymedia network, which was a pioneer in citizen-produced journalism. For more information please visit: